TotusGlo NPK 19:19:19

Nitrogen 19%
Phosphorus 19%
Potassium 19%

TotusGlo™ NPK 19:19:19 is a complete water soluble fertilizer which provides all major macronutrients N-P-K in a balanced ratio to the plants through foliar spray or fertigation at the time of maximum requirement with the lowest losses. TotusGlo™ N P K 19:19:19 can fulfill any deficiency of one or all three major plant nutrients and minimizes the cost on basal fertilizers.

TotusGlo™ NPK 19:19:19 increases net returns, lowers the cost of production per unit crop yield, minimizes the chemical load on the environment and enables the country to strengthen the fertilizer supplies in the event of their shortages or price escalation thereby ensuring a wiser and long lasting use.

Benefits of TotusGlo™ NPK 19:19:19

  • Being acidic in nature, its absorption by leaves is more efficient.
  • Foliar application is easily and quickly taken up by plants thus conserving plant energy with quick response.
  • Due to attack of pests and insects the damaged leaves and other parts of the plant are rejuvenated and rapid growth is obtained.
  • It promotes the rate of tillers, branches and flowering.
  • Under adverse environmental situations, NPK 19:19:19 spray revives the plant and supplies full macronutrients necessary for high yield.
  • Suitable for both fertigation and foliar application.
  • Compatible with other fertilizers, plant protection chemicals and weedicides.
  • Efficient utilization of nutrient in the plant and generates more crop per unit fertilizer applied.
  • TotusGlo™ NPK 19:19:19 is free of Chloride, Sodium and other detrimental elements.


For Drip : Average dosage of TotusGlo™  Calcium Nitrate is 25 Kg per acre. 
(It may varies depend on the crop stages and requirements)

For Foliar Spray : Average dosage of TotusGlo™ Calcium Nitrate  is 1 to 2 Kg per acre.